The Love Triangle by Nic Tatano

The Love Triangle

by Nic Tatano


Publisher: HarperImpulse

Publishing Date: 24th March 2016

Source:  Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!

Number of pages: 288

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Contemporary

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Public relations expert Lexi Harlow is the queen of getting her clients out of sticky situations. But can she do it for herself?

After an incendiary breakup (setting fire to her cheating boyfriend’s pants), Lexi decides to play the field for the first time in her life. Two suitors are vying for her affections: New York’s most eligible bachelor and pro quarterback Jake Frost, and sports agent Kyle Caruso. But when the athlete hires the agent, and both enlist her services to take care of public relations, well…

There’s only one way Lexi can get out of this love triangle before everything blows up in her face: choose one.

But when the candle she’s burning at both ends meets in the middle, the choice is no longer hers.

Rating: 3/5


I’ve heard about Nic Tatano before, of course I have, I even have one or two of his novels on my kindle, but „The Love Triangle” is in fact the first story by this author that I’ve read. But if the other books are just like this one, written in this fast – paced writing style, with quick and sharp dialogues and strong characters, then I must check them sooner rather than later.

At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I’m going to like Lexi. You know, I like my heroines to be sassy, feisty, strong – minded women but there is sometimes too sassy, too feisty and too strong – minded, and Lexi belonged to this „too” category. She would make a perfect male character, but of course I’m not saying she wasn’t a great female character. It also doesn’t mean that I’d rather have Lexi on her knees and bowing down and grovelling and letting the guys to lead her on, nono, there is only a very gentle border between too much and too less, and Lexi was more „too much”, a bit on the arrogant and smart ass side. However, she was a girl with morals, and I liked this very much about her. She was strong and independent, a woman willing to break the balls when at work and yet not fearing to admit that she has a more vulnerable side to her, not afraid of showing that she needs to be loved and be taken care of by a man. So when I got used to her and her style, I started to like her, and also the other characters are well written. I especially liked one of the background characters, Lexi’s assistant, who knew everything about his lady boss’s love life and had a very distinctive take on it, which added some so very needed humorous moments to this story. And even though I didn’t warm to the two main male characters, I appreciate what the author tried to do with them and what kind of message he wanted to send us – but they were very clichéd male characters and then the stereotyping started. We had an alpha male, strong, sporty and verrry rich, and we had the little guy, calm, not rich but with morals, in contrast to the other one, and it was much too far – fetched for my liking and I felt as if the author was a little patronizing me as a reader here. It was too obvious and too easy too choose in my opinion.

What bothered me a little was the fact that I actually from the first page had a feeling that I know where it’s all taking me, and I was unfortunately right. The story has never surprised me, and the male characters were so clichéd – the good guy and the bad guy, and both appeal to our Lexi in different ways, and well, yes, I could see the attraction but I’m not sure if dating two guys simultaneously would be my thing (I’m rather not a fan of love triangles, although it actually depends on the kind of this triangle, and this one here was not so tragic and relatively well written, though maybe the choices that are to be made should be a little more difficult and not so obvious). It also very quickly becomes crystal clear who is The One for her, and I was betting on this person, so – again – no surprises here.

But „The Love Triangle” is a sassy, light read with difference, even if the moral lesson here turned out to be a little on the cheesy side. It was humorous, with some much more serious moments and difficult issues. As you can see, I am a little torn about this book, but it was well written, the pace was quick, it had a feel – good factor to it and I wanted things to work out for Lexi. You could expect that with a love triangle involved there is going to be a rampant, trashy sex to spice things up a bit but it’s not the case here, which I really liked, as the book mixes romance with responsibility and fairness. I will be for sure reading more from Nic Tatano.


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