The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding by Carole Matthews + Giveaway!

The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding

by Carole Matthews


Publisher: Sphere

Publishing Date: 21st April 2016

Source:  Copy provided by the publisher, thank you!

Number of pages: 384

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary

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The ladies of The Chocolate Lovers’ Club should be gearing up for the wedding of the year but life keeps getting in the way . . .

Lucy is worried about her financial situation and it keeps distracting her. Should she accept an offer of help from an untrustworthy source?

Nadia may have a real chance at finding love but other areas of her life aren’t so rosy. Something needs to change – but what?

Autumn can’t wait to meet someone she hasn’t seen in a very long time. She’s full of hope for the future but then things don’t exactly go to plan . . .

Chantal has been through so much and she’s finally starting to feel settled. The last thing she needs is the kind of bad news that could change her life all over again.

And yet, despite all the ups and downs, the Chocolate Lovers’ ladies know they can get through it all as long as they have each other. They’re not going to let anything get in the way of their happy-ever-afters in . . . The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding.

Rating: 5/5


Carole Matthews’ books never fail to entertain me. They are like a comfort blanket – you can be sure that when you reach for them you’ll feel warm, comfortable and understood. Ms Matthews is a great storyteller, she creates larger than life characters and brings all the places and settings to life. She has such a way of writing her characters that they feel realistic and often I found myself smiling with them or laughing with them, but first of all I was rooting for them, and this is why I was so impatiently waiting for „The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding” to be published!

It was really lovely to see the girls from the Chocolate Lovers’ Club again, and I didn’t have any problems to get into the story immediately, to pick up where we left the friends off in the last book. Quickly, we learn there are some really big decisions to be made, and there are life – changing events to come. And this time Ms Matthews really added a lot of events to the story – there was all the time something happening and she effectively and successfully kept me on my toes. She also threw some surprises on our poor, not expecting it heads, and it was really great not to be able to see what’s coming next. One of the biggest surprises was the fact that Lucy was not longer working in Chocolate Heaven because I thought no matter what (ie.: Marcus) she’s going to stay there, and now she’s so miserable and she misses her shop that’s going belly up with the new French manager. Lucy, as usually, was the cause of many, many embarrassing situations, of many, many unsuitable plans, but also Lucy rose to the challenge more than once in this story. Sure, you can never be sure with Lucy – is Marcus going to persuade her to come back to Chocolate Heaven? What would Crush say? Will Crush and Lucy get married or are there some unexpected things going to happen?
The we have Nadia, the lovely Nadia whose life isn’t bed of roses and who is going to be forced to make some very life – changing decisions after she’s been mugged on the street. But after years of living alone, after her past, she still can’t open herself totally to new chances, to find out that there might be a man who truly loves her – on the other hand, is Nadia ready to live her old life behind, to leave her friends and sister and move far away? There is so much warmth in Nadia, just like in all the girls, but I don’t know, there is something so very special in this woman that made me root for her.
There are also changes in Autumn’s life. She is in a happy relationship but there are two great burdens that overweigh her – the situation with her parents and the daughter that she was forced to give up for adoption years ago. She’s living in hope that they’ll meet one day – will they? And what happens when they meet? Autumn is a person with a heart made of gold and she wants only good things to happen to their friends and beloved, but she’s not boring in all this, no way! What I so adored in her was the fact that she eventually came out of her comfort zones and wasn’t afraid of confrontations, she just seemed a little more brave and determined and it suited her very much.
This time life is also testing our Chantal. She eventually came to terms with the fact that she’s now a single mum, especially as there is Jacob and their relationship is going from strength to strength and well, yes, it seems that finally peace set in. That is, until she gets a health scare… a very serious health scare. What now? What with Lana, her new life, Jacob…? Will she find her happily ever after at last?

I don’t know why but I had a feeling that this book is so very genuine and honest, so much more true and serious about feelings and life experience, but of course written with a lot of humour. The author has brilliantly mixed the very important, serious issues with lightness and fun and it worked out really great. This story just felt so touching and believable, as really all the things could happen to any of us, and it was written in a way that pulled at all the right heartstrings. Moreover, the author has done a brilliant job with dealing with such things as cancer or adoption and was able to put into words the most hidden feelings that people feel when they have to deal with these issues, and she did it with a lot of understanding and gentleness.

Life changes but the only constant thing in the girls’ lives is there: chocolate :) But also, and I personally find it one of the loveliest things in the book, the overwhelming feeling of friendship and acceptance is always there. The girls can count on each other, they support each other in all situations and there were really very touching moments in this story – and they are there to support the others even if life is not only laughs and fun but also health and money troubles and when some serious decisions have to be made.

There is still so much potential in the girls, there can still happen so much and I really hope that Carole Matthews won’t stop writing about the Chocolate Lovers’ Club, and I’m saying it not only because I LOVE chocolate! Yes, the author has answered a lot of questions and nicely wrapped up some of the open ends but nevertheless, I still feel there is a space for more!!!

What I so liked in this book is that it’s so realistic. It is not always a bed of roses for our girls, they have problems and sometimes these are really big problems, and even though it is supposed to be a rom com, the author isn’t afraid to throw a curveball for our heroines, to put them at crossroads, to make their lives complicated and not so easy and straightforward. I don’t want the characters that I like to suffer but in my eyes these things make them feel more realistic and bring them even more to life. „The Chocolate Lovers’ Wedding” is truly a great story with a heart and I can’t recommend it enough!



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