Don’t You Forget About Me by Liz Tipping

Don’t You Forget About Me

by Liz Tipping


Publisher: Carina

Publishing Date: 6th June 2016

Source:  Copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!.

Number of pages:

Genre: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

 Buy the Book: Kindle



An athlete, a princess, a brain, a criminal, a basket case…

Cara Dunham is definitely one of them. But stuck in her small hometown, with no prospects of escape, she’s struggling to find her thing. Her life is more book club than Breakfast Club and there is no Judd Nelson in sight!

So when Cara is invited to a school reunion she knows this is her chance to channel her inner Molly Ringwald and grab her John Hughes moment, once and for all. Because her teenage love, Daniel Rose will be there, the coolest boy at school and the one that got away.

But transforming into an 80′s icon isn’t easy and Cara enlists the help of her oldest friend, Stubbs, to teach her all she needs to know about being cool and quirky – a la Ringwald.

Except Stubbs thinks she’s perfect, just as she is and takes it upon himself to show Cara that her life might not be ‘movie perfect’, but there is always another take to get things right. And maybe the hero she’s dreamed of has been under her nose the whole time…

From the author of the hilarious Five Go Glamping comes your perfect summer read.

 Rating: 3/5


I loved Liz Tipping’s debut novel, „Five Go Glamping” – it was full of humour, brilliant read with brilliantly drawn characters, a read that kept me entertained and that I couldn’t stop to talk about. Keeping this in mind, I was more than excited when I’ve heard news that Liz’s new novel „Don’t You Forget About Me” is about to be released soon, and I kept stalking NetGalley in anticipation of this story.

Full of expectations I started reading it. However, very soon I started to ask myself, what happened? What happened? Where is the Liz that I got to know and love when reading her first novel? I more than once wanted to put this book down, frustrated, as it just didn’t deliver for me. I had a feeling that the first 70% is about the main character repeating that she wants to be invisible, that she doesn’t want other people to spot her, and the last 30% was about Cara and Stubbs going around themselves in circles and wondering will they/won’t they, even though it was obvious that, finally, they will. However, in these last 30% the pace in the book picked up a little, it was more light – hearted and this is why the story got from three, and not two, stars. I really had a feeling that first we are reading over and over again about Cara and her dilemmas about people not liking her, it was just too repetitive, and then suddenly it changed tracks and we got a love story.

I also had some problems to engage with Cara, our main character. You can be shy, you may not want to stand out from the crowd, but Cara took it another level already and it annoyed me a little. She also lived in the past, believing that everybody perceive her as she was then, a „bag lady”, because she dressed in second – hand clothes and believed that nobody liked her. She found happiness in watching films and „The Breakfast Club” was probably her favourite one, and she was a great fan of Molly Ringwald – she even won an e-bay auction for Molly’s cardigan! She didn’t know who she really is and in the lead up to a high school reunion she wanted to try and see if she’s an athlete, a criminal, a brain, a basket case or a princess, and I couldn’t stop thinking, why Cara? Why not to be yourself? I get what the author wanted to achieve with Cara, but in the end she’s made her too down, too unsure and the story being so repetitive was just annoying. I wanted to love the story, I truly wanted it, but I couldn’t.

But one thing stayed the same – Liz’s writing style is light – hearted and easy to follow and she has a great talent to tell stories, and it simply appeals to me. Even though „Don’t You Forget About Me” is a tad predictable story, there were some unexpected moments as well. However, I loved Liz Tipping’s debut novel much, much more and I really hope that her next release will take us back closer to „Five Go Glamping”.


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