Strictly My Husband by Tracy Bloom

Strictly My Husband by Tracy Bloom


30750114Publisher: Lawsome Books

Publishing Date: 27th July 2016

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!

Number of pages: 260

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

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The brilliantly funny, and romantically moving new novel from number-one-bestselling author of No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday. Absolutely tangolicious!

Couples who dance together stay together…

Laura loves it when Tom takes her for a late night tango around the kitchen after their friends have gone home and they’re avoiding the washing up. She can’t dance but who cares when no one is watching?

All that changes when Tom arrives on the doorstep with Carly, a professional dancer, and announces he’s offered her the spare room to rent while she performs in a show that Tom is directing.

An outraged Laura doesn’t feel like dancing with Tom anymore but Carly does. It only takes two to tango, and given Tom’s history who knows where it could end? Will Laura be the one left watching from the sidelines whilst Carly waltzes off with her husband’s heart?

Couples who dance together stay together – or do they?

Rating: 4/5

I was probably one of the first to download “Strictly My Husband” from NetGalley – I am a huge fan of Tracy Bloom, her writing and her stories and her special sense of humour and every new release from this author is for me like Christmas coming earlier. However, I was sure that the publication date is only in September, hence my late review and I apologise heartily for this delay.

The story is told from all the characters’ points of view, which, as you already know, I always like, as I love to get to know ALL the thoughts and what people are thinking about the same situations. However, what is interesting, it is Carly who brought on this earthquake, yet we only know what other people think about her, as we don’t get her own view point – and I’m not sure if it was done deliberately or not but I still have a feeling that I didn’t know her and didn’t know her real intentions in this whole situation. But no matter, if my husband brought a young, sexy woman home and introduced her as a new lodger, I’d be, just like Laura, suspicious. And well, I am not sure what I’d do with Tom if her were my husband. Luckily, my own personal husband wouldn’t think of such action but I’m sure he belongs to the minority in this aspect and I think mostly men wouldn’t think long and do as Tom did. Well, helloooo, such an opportunity, right? But Tom, well, just your typical man, right, we hope they know what we mean but in fact we just need to tell them directly and clearly what it is that we think/want/feel.
What bothered me a little was Laura’s friend, Hannah. I had a feeling there is nothing that could interest her and her never – ending unhappiness with her marriage was overwhelming, and I truly didn’t understand what’s her problem. Sure, Jerry was irritating and annoying, with a lot of enthusiasm, ideas and money that could realise those ideas, not always the best ones, but if she was so unhappy, then why didn’t finish it, sooner rather or later? Truly, I liked Jerry much more than Hannah, even though he was annoying, but he was also funny and he tried with Hannah. But to be honest, all the women in this book had problems, actually the problems were not worth so much troubles, but you know how it is, right. Laura, for example, with her analytical brain, somehow convinced herself that Tom will cheat on her soon. And with this obsession of hers, yes, there were moments that I wanted to shake her, or bang her head together with Tom’s head, she just made me feel so, so desperate. Yes, I know where she was coming from and I could understand her but there were also moments that I couldn’t stand her for assuming and not asking. So yes, the female characters were a little difficult to understand, and to like, but altogether they were colourful and easy to follow, if only they could – Laura and Hannah – stop moaning and be so unhappy all the time, it would be great. And maybe it’s insignificant, but I adored the fact that the two best friends were called Tom and Jerry 🙂 And you know, the book is really full of brilliant characters, not only the main ones, but also the background, and I can’t mention Amy here, Tom’s assistant. I adored her, and each scene with her made me laugh out loud – she was so strong – willed and she didn’t fear to say what she thinks and everybody were scared of her!

I absolutely loved the Halloween show that Tom was directing and Carly was playing the leading role, Malice in Wonderland – it was a great idea and it looked like a great fun. Altogether, there were many mentions of the “Strictly” program, a lot of dancing an arty – things but they fit the story totally and this, together with Laura’s analytical brain and some brilliant scenes of her research being done, were brilliantly balanced.

So no matter what, Tracy Bloom’s books, so also “Strictly My Husband”, always make me feel better and make me giggle almost all the time when reading them . As always, the book was full of brilliant characters and even more brilliant one liners, and Tracy Bloom’s sense of humour is fantastic. The book seamlessly and effortlessly introduces us to a life of mismatched couples, friendship and misunderstandings and it also shows us that it’s important to talk and to know what it is you want from yourself and from your life. A funny and romantic story, and even though I don’t watch “Strictly” (ARRRRGH!!!), I truly enjoyed it. Another light – hearted, clever and thought – provoking read from Tracy Bloom.