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Unicorns: Believe in Magic


31565234Publisher: Summersdale

Publishing Date: 9th June 2016

Source:  Received from the publisher in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 97

Genre: Children’s

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Who says unicorns aren’t real?

Life’s never dull when you have a unicorn by your side. These sparkly friends bring magic into our lives, from the tips of their magical horns to the swishy ends of their rainbow tails. Enter the awesomely cute world of unicorns, and whatever anyone says – don’t stop believing!


Rating: 5/5

Oh guys, this is one of the most gorgeous, sweet and lovely books ever! I am in love with anything Unicorns at the moment, and the same is with my daughter, she can watch “Mia and Me” on repeat and there are unicorns, so when she’s seen this book when it arrived she was SO. INCREDIBLY. HAPPY. She immediately opened the book and started to lookthrough it and for a moment (a moment. But it is VERY important because there are not many moments like this with Sophie) she was speechless. she looked at the colourful, beautiful pages with open mouth and shining eyes and I could immediately tell she was in love. Then she started to call the unicorn in the book Willie (don’t ask me, no idea why) and we read this book every day now.

Which is not a problem, as it is a cute, gorgeous and so optimistic book! It is full of brilliant quotes and my favourite ones are probably “I poop rainbows” and “Unleash your inner Unicorn”, though they are all brilliant, funny and catchy one – liners. The large letters are easy for children who learn to read and the colourful pictures are warm, funny and totally sweet. The book is also very esthetically published and only holding it in your hands makes me feel better. This is a must – read for all Unicorns (and not only) fans! I’m sure you can buy it as birthday present for any girl!