Daydream Believer by Lizzie Fayke

Daydream Believer by Lizzie Fayke


51wz2bgnz16l-_sx311_bo1204203200_Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Publishing Date: 28th July 2015

Source:  Received from the author  in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 476

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

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Sarah Collin’s world is about to be changed forever by her imaginary boyfriend.
Her dream world collides with reality when she invents Steve, her rock musician lover, in the hope of adding some much needed glamour to her life, while gaining a little respect from her workmates.
As the lie spirals out of control, she finds herself on the Costa Blanca. Could her chaotic holiday actually make some of her daydreams come true?

Rating: 3.5/5

I spotted “Daydream Believer” by Lizzie Fayke some time ago on Twitter and I can still remember how much I adored the cover of this book, which is simply gorgeous! I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the novel and finally I’ve found a little spare time lately to read this book – I was also intrigued by the synopsis and wanted to see if it lives up to my expectations or not.

Lizzie Fayke has created a very strong heroine in her story. No matter what Sarah Collins did, I kept my fingers crossed for her. She is the title Daydream Believer, and finally, eventually she decides to not only dream but also do, and so she finds herself – alone – on a holiday trip to Spain. Even though all the other think she’s at the French Riviera. Because Sarah is – maybe not a compulsive liar – but she has a very overactive imagination. Though, with such a group of co – workers, it was not a wonder! Sarah is also very accident – prone and if something were to happen, you could bet it would happen to Sarah. She was a little like Bridget Jones, so awkward with her love life, fed up with her job and seeing her other friends on Facebook having better lives and relationships and exotic holidays. Sure, she made me feel desperate sometimes, but her believing so much in Steve was also somehow touching and it made me fell for her and I really wanted everything to work for her and everybody to be nice to her and I wanted to fight her corner for her – so nice was she! It doesn’t happen often that maybe I don’t love the character with my whole heart but I’d do anything for them, and it is such a case here.

So, the book started in a great way and I enjoyed it extremely for a long time. However, at some point, I started to have a feeling that I am reading the same and the same, about Sarah being mopped at work and only talking about Steve and telling people she leads totally different life and altogether, it went a little downhill for me. Also, as much as I appreciate that the author wanted to make up to the main character and to punish the “bad” characters, the events happening were too predictable, a little too far – fetched and all the things that happened were so convenient for Sarah, with right people at the right places and with right connections and things happening at the right moment, which made the reading this bit unbelievable and unrealistic. Sure, it was to make the book much more humorous and adventurous and it worked, perhaps it is this old grumpy in me that sometimes comes up to the surface to complain a little. Also the last chapters dragged on too much for my liking, and those were the chapters where everything went into a line, where everything was cleared and where the good ones were prized and the bad ones punished and it was a little too much for me. I like my closure but I also like it to be a little surprising and not so obvious. But altogether, I enjoyed this story, it was light and easy and with a brilliant dose of great, sharp humour.

Altogether, “Daydream Believer” was a simple, not too complex but very entertaining story that I’ve read with a real pleasure. There was a bunch of eclectic but lovely and strong characters, it was full of really comical moments and sweet, if a little too far – fetched, for my liking, romance. For a debut novel, Lizzie Fayke’s writing style sounds strong and mature and it is very easy to follow – maybe sometimes she has tried too much but overall, it was light and she is a great story – teller. It is a not too demanding story about finding what you really want, about founding the courage to fight for yourself and about not letting others intimidate you, and I am sure it’s going to put a smile on your face. Recommended!