We Were on a Break by Lindsey Kelk

We Were on a Break by Lindsey Kelk


29098315Publisher: Harper

Publishing Date: 6th October 2016

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley  in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 400

Genre: Women’s Fiction, General Fiction (Adult)

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Is it a break? Or is it a blip?

LIV and ADAM are in love.
LIV and ADAM are supposed to be getting engaged.
Until ADAM accidently suggests they take a break.
And LIV starts thinking …

Friends, family and bystanders all have an opinion and one complication leads to another as Adam and Liv try to muddle through in this hilarious, heartwarming comedy.

Are they split up – or are they on a break? What exactly are they allowed to get away with? And, most importantly, what do Liv and Adam really want?

Rating: 5/5

“We Were on a Break” is my first Lindsey Kelk’s book – after a break (ha! yes!) – I’ve read all of her books but the last three, I think, I had some problems with one of the novels and with so many review books I then just didn’t found a space to squeeze non – review books, but as I had this luck to be able to download this newest release from NetGalley, I also immediately started to read it, and I am so, so happy to report that Lindsey didn’t lost her touch! I’d go so far and say that this book is probably one of her best, and if not it’s for sure Ms Kelk at her best!

This book was incredibly funny but also touching at all the right heart – strings. It was genuine, honest and telling how it really is, but in a lovely, entertaining way. It had me hooked from the very beginning to the very end and already the opening scene had me in giggles, even though at first I thought, hell, Adam, you are a pompous git – but believe me, quickly I took it all back and changed my mind about Adam! Because Lindsey Kelk can create the most realistic and not so straight – forward characters ever. They are full of flaws, they swear, they make mistakes and they are often prone to accidents and are quick to jump to conclusions, but this is why it is so easy to fell in love with them and to root for them, and it wasn’t different with Liv and Adam. I loved them both – once I loved Liv more, and once I loved Adam more, but I kept my fingers crossed for them both.
Also all the supporting characters are brilliant, so well – rounded and realistic, including even the annoying brother of Adam and Liv’s friend Cassie (and Chris’s wife as well!) who couldn’t keep a secret no matter what. Also setting the story in a small village where everybody knows everybody goes was a great idea, as it added so much cosy feeling to the story, and also took one christening to a very different level(!). You needed a lot of patience when Chris enters the scenes, he really takes the meaning of the word “arrogant” to a much higher level, but even though you just want to flick him a finger or even two, the scenes with him added tons of humour – even if it was already incredibly funny. And there is also a cat named Daniel Craig – yes! They are all brilliantly described and Lindsey Kelk is so good at observations, she truly brings all of them to life and they feel like your best friends.

What is so exceptional is the fact that the story is written from both Liv and Adam’s point of view and Lindsey Kelk has done a great job with getting into a man’s head – at least I think she did a great job, I’m a girl, so don’t really know how the men tick, but I fell for Adam as well, so I’m guessing the author has done a really excellent job describing his feelings. It switches between the two of them which – yes, I admit – at the beginning was confusing and I once or twice wasn’t sure who’s speaking right now, as it was happening without a warning, one minute it was Liv and the second moment it was Adam, but quickly I got used to this and didn’t have any problems more. Sure, I wanted to bang Liv and Adam’s heads together, of course I did, but on the other hand it was really hilarious – but also sometimes desperate! – to see how the things got out of hand and how those two found themselves spiralling away from each other and finding themselves to be “on a break”. Lindsey Kelk has this talent to tell how the real things look like, and this time it’s the same, but even better, thanks to this double points of view, and because of them we see how both of the characters deal with the same situations, how do they feel and what kind of emotions it evokes.

This book is so full of misunderstandings, really, but they will have you chuckling all the way. As usual, it is also full of incredibly sharp and clever and funny one – liners. It is also written in the best possible way that makes the reading so easy.

“We Were on a Break” is a light – hearted, hilarious, poignant comedy of errors that had me in giggles almost all of the time, that made me roll my eyes, sight and cheer on the characters all the way. Full of poor communication between the characters and misunderstandings that created a very special, brilliant story that made me feel better and so warm inside. In her signature true – to – life style the author captures all the ups and downs of being in relationship and being “on a break”. I absolutely adored this story, loved to be a part of Liv and Adam’s world and I highly recommend it to you all!