Candlelight at Christmas by Katie Fforde

Candlelight at Christmas by Katie Fforde


30759092Publisher: Cornerstone Digital

Publishing Date: 24th November 2016

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 65

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction, Romance

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Welcome back some familiar characters and treat yourself to some extra romance with this exclusive, straight-to-digital short story from the Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller.

Fenella and Rupert are organising the perfect Christmas, surrounded by their friends in their beautiful Somerby house.

Until Fenella gets a phone call from her ghastly parents-in-law asking if they can join them for the holiday. Fenella couldn’t possibly refuse and besides, it could be worse.

But when they arrive and the house is suddenly plunged in darkness thanks to a power cut, Fenella knows she has her work cut out to keep everyone happy and pull off the perfect Christmas feast.

Rating: 3/5

Ah, there’s no Christmas without Katie Fforde’s short story! And this time it is a very exceptional one as it introduces us to characters that we already know from “Recipe for Love”, which was a great joy for me.

There are – for so a short story – many characters in this novella. Many. And the amount of people seems to grow all the time. We are at Fenella and Rupert’s who are having friends and family with the assorted children over Christmas, then we have a nanny for the children, then we have friends from work and we also have a very unexpected and not so heartily welcomed visit from the in – laws. And there is also a power cut on the day itself.

However, for me, the problem with short stories is that they’re… yes, short, and as soon as one thing begins it already finishes, and it leaves me wanting more and feeling that it’s just under – developed, and it was like this this time as well. Also, I had a feeling that it is one long dialogue, and when usually I don’t have a problem when a book is so dynamic this time I’ve missed some more descriptions. The plot is full to the brims, there is all the time something happening but because of the length of the story we can’t focus on anything in particular. I also had a problem with the “relationship” between Meggie and Etienne, which just seemed too forced and unbelievable.

Even though the novella is about characters from previous books it can of course be read as a stand – alone. It is written in this unmistakeable Katie Fforde’s writing style, warm and full of respect to her characters. It is full of festive spirit and truly it is about simmering down, clearing your mind for a moment or two, to focus on this what’s really important in our lives: family and friends and about forgetting the stress and enjoying this important time at Christmas. It’s light, easy and uplifting, perfect to read under the Christmas tree.