Sister, Sister by Sue Fortin

Sister, Sister by Sue Fortin


51r1rv74islPublisher: HarperImpulse

Publishing Date: 6th January 2017

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 364

Genre: Psychological Suspense/Thriller, Mystery & Thriller

 Buy the Book: Kindle | Paperback (out on 20. 04. 2017)



From the bestselling author of The Girl Who Lied
Alice: Beautiful, kind, manipulative, liar.

Claire: Intelligent, loyal, paranoid, jealous.

Claire thinks Alice is a manipulative liar who is trying to steal her life.
Alice thinks Claire is jealous of her long-lost return and place in their family.

One of them is telling the truth. The other is a maniac.
Two sisters. One truth.

Rating: 5/5

“Sister, Sister” is the first of Sue Fortin’s books I’ve read but definitely not the last – I’ve no idea how I’ve missed on this author’s previous novels, guys. Mea culpa. I am already looking forward to reading Ms Fortin’s other books. “Sister, Sister” is a perfect psychological suspense, just what I am developing to love very much, a book with a lot of tension, questions and missing elements but without murders, pouring blood or gory details. Just incredibly clever, intelligent, complex and brilliantly plotted story that made me experience all kind of feelings and emotions.

But. This book. It could go two ways. Either I could love it or hate it. Why? Because lately I’ve read two books with very, very similar pattern, like leaving home and not remembering it or thinking you’re loosing your mind, one of them I only reviewed yesterday, and so it could be I’ve been there, I’ve seen this, there is nothing new, I’m bored. However, this book has defended itself for me. Yes, I relatively quickly guessed the turn. Then the hints were probably too unsubtle for my liking because I was dead sure I’ve guessed the second twist as well. Yes, there were moments that were much too familiar for me. But then I thought, well, it’s not this book’s fault that it is the next one with a similar pattern, right? And let’s be honest, it was a great book. Thrilling and tense, and it had me totally glued to the pages, hell, it kept me awake while I should have been making use of my beauty sleep!
And guys, this book annoyed me so much! It was because it was crystal clear for me from the very beginning who is the good one and who is in the wrong, and I could cry out loud from frustration that I can see it but the other characters can’t! I wanted to pat one of the sisters on her shoulder and tell her she’s not alone, that I know she’s not going crazy. Arrgh, I tell you guys, I really felt annoyed and frustrated and I could bang the characters’ heads together. As for Luke… oh my word. As much as I loved Luke, he was a great husband and brilliant dad and I loved his sense of humour, he disappointed me more than once with the way he talked to Clare. I understand he could have doubts but there is no justification for him speaking to her like that! Really, all the characters were brilliantly written, they had depth and their own personalities, they were believable.

So yes, it’s like this, guys. I was dead certain that I know who’s right and who is wrong, I just felt it in my heart, head, stomach and at the tips of my fingers. Nevertheless, I was glued to the pages and raced through the book to see that I was right. See this? “To see that I was right”, not to see IF I was right. If the book turned out differently, I’d be very surprised! Very! Not sure if I’d be happy if it turned out differently, though, and I was extremely glad that the story ended in the way it did. Did I feel disappointed that I knew how it’s going to finish? Absolutely not! I really think that if it ended differently then I’d be disappointed. Did it also take the joy of reading and wondering if it is the narrator who’s unreliable or are there other characters making things up away? The answer is also no. I absolutely loved this book!

What was absolutely thrilling was the fact that the story was all the time developing, unravelling layer after layer of new facts, buried skeletons and secrets, being then caught up in a brilliant, surprising grande finale that I couldn’t predict. I knew perhaps who but the events at the end of the book took me totally by surprise. The story runs at great pace, and there is all the time something happening, either at home, or at Clare’s work or with her friends, and I really appreciated this diversification. Also, Sue Fortin didn’t stop adding twists and turns till the very end of the story! There were many of them but I’ve never felt too overwhelmed or couldn’t sort them out, I’ve never felt confused. It was all cleverly and skilfully plotted and the events flew effortlessly.

So all in all, guys, even with me guessing who (but now how!), I think this book deserves the big, fat 5 stars rating because it’s pure genius. A bloody good psychological suspense/thriller with a writing style that just draws you in, and you can’t stop reading. “Sister, Sister” is a story of betrayal, lies and secrets, an absorbing and disturbing psychological suspense with greatly developed characters full of secrets and issues, all so significant to this story and they keep you guessing till the end. This is this kind of a book that you say to yourself you’re going to read only one chapter more and come up for a breath few hours later. Highly recommended!

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