The Vets at Hope Green: Follow your Heart by Sheila Norton

The Vets at Hope Green: Follow Your Heart by Sheila Norton


32880546Publisher: Ebury Digital

Publishing Date: 16th February 2016

Series: The Vets at Hope Green (read my review of part 1 here)

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review!

Number of pages: 61

Genre: Romance,  Women’s Fiction

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PART TWO of a heartwarming and inspiring story about living the simple life and the joy of animals. Perfect for fans of Appleby Farm, Ivy Lane and Alfie the Doorstep Cat

Working as the receptionist at her local London vets, Sam dreams of escaping to a quieter life in the country. Spending time with her Nana and her lovely but elderly dog Rufus has sparked something within Sam, and all she wants is to start afresh. But her boyfriend Adam is in London, and something tells her that it won’t be an easy conversation.

But then something happens that makes her going-nowhere receptionist job seem much more appealing: a little stray cat called Ebony, in need of love and nurturing back to health. Faced with a dilemma, she must choose between her heart’s desire and the little ball of fluff who’s desire is to worm her way into her heart…

Is it possible to have it all?

Rating: 4/5

“Follow your Heart” is a nice continuation of the series, and I enjoyed it even more than the first part. It was not so wishy – washy, even though the first part was also very nice, but this one was in my opinion more down to earth and believable, yet still cute and light – hearted.

The story starts exactly where we left. Sam tells Adam she’s pregnant and the way he reacted didn’t surprise me at all. It doesn’t take long for Sam to decide that she wants to leave London and where is better than at her Nana Peggy’s who’s feeling so lonely. There is also a small black cat in a need of a good home involved and the story also brings us back to the lovely people from Nana’s village and one very complicated vet as well.

It’s a very easy, straight – forward read without twists and turns, yet its steady level somehow works and it’s a real pleasure to read it. And this time it is also full of decisions to be made, of new beginnings, new and old friends. The last scene ended – of course – with a cliff hanger that is not a cliff hanger for me any more as – my mistake! My mistake! I shouldn’t have but have done it (well, it was at the end of the book, so there) – I’ve read what is to be expected in the next two parts. However, I am really looking forward to reading the next parts as I incredibly want to see why Joe is as he is and I am sure that Sam is jumping to conclusion about one situation, and I want to see it explained. There is great warmth to the writing style and I just want it to envelop me in its warmth again. Easy, light and quick read and lovely continuation to the series. Really recommended, though you have to make sure to read it in the right order!