Murder on the Pilgrims Way by Julie Wassmer / Blog Tour

Hi guys, and happy Saturday! I am incredibly happy to be sharing with you today my review of “Murder on the Pilgrims Way” by Julie Wassmer. It is already the fourth book in the Pearl Nolan series and the lovely Pearl doesn’t change – she’s still prone to appearing in places where a murder or two is being committed, however I could read about her adventures for ever, so I really come that the lovely Julie Wassmer will keep the books coming!

Murder on the Pilgrims Way by Julie Wassmer


34664127Publisher: Constable

Publishing Date: 6th April  2017

Series: Pearl Nolan #4

Source:  Received from the publisher in return for an honest review!

Number of pages: 304

Genre: Fiction (Adults), Mystery/Crime

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Pearl receives a surprise present from her mother, Dolly – an early summer break at a riverside manor house that has been recently transformed into an exclusive hotel – the newly named Villa Pellegrini.

Pellegrini – the Italian word for pilgrims – reflects the fact that the building lies on the old Pilgrims Way into Canterbury, and Pearl is looking forward to the break, not least because DCI Mike McGuire has been neglecting her due to his work. But when she discovers that she’s actually booked in for a cookery course from the Italian celebrity chef, Nico Caruso, she begins to think again . . .

Pearl doesn’t welcome instruction on cookery at the best of times, and certainly not from an arrogant chef like Caruso. She goes along, intent on challenging Caruso’s egotism – and a long tradition of men dominating gastronomy – but soon finds herself distracted, not only by her enchanting surroundings but by the disparate selection of guests.

She even begins to enjoy Caruso’s attentions – and his cookery – until one of the guests goes missing and it becomes clear that murder is on the menu.

Rating: 4/5

“Murder on the Pilgrims Way” is already the fourth part in the Pearl Nolan’s series by Julie Wassmer – Pearl, an amateur detective, who also owns a restaurant has a habit of showing up in places where a murder or two is being committed, and it’s not different in this story. This time however it was thought to be a week away for Pearl and her mother Dolly at a manor house at the side of the river, and add – as a surprise – a cooking course led by a bankrupt celebrity chef Nico Caruso. There is some history, Pearl has some background, but I think that you can easily read this book as a stand – alone.

I’ll admit, the story gathered pace after the first murder, also in the second part. The first part was a slow introduction to the characters and the place – but with Julie Wassmer’s lovely writing style the time spent on reading just flew by, and the descriptions of both the characters and the places were brilliant. Yes, I’d love more action in this first part but I really appreciate the way author decided to introduce us to the story. She has brought all the people and the settings so easily to life and there is so much heart and soul put into every single detail. The small group of characters is also so perfectly drawn – they are all so vivid and larger than life, and all of them keep some secrets, and really guys – for me it was impossible to guess who committed the murders and why, even though there were not many too choose from! Julie Wassmer can really nicely plot the story and masterfully complicate the things, giving each character a motive and opportunity.

Pearl is Pear again – she’s almost stoic, doesn’t allow to throw her off guard, even by her mother Dolly, she’s full of warmth and patience. Her ability to appear in the right place and the right moment to hear or see the most significant information is still there, guys – it’s very convenient, no? Then we of course have the romance aspect there as well, with the will they/won’t they between Pearl and McGuire, and it is really thrilling, especially as the author adds the little competition in the person of the chef Nico himself – what is Pearl going to do?

It was a nice read, without any gory details – but it is a cozy crime, isn’t it, and sometimes it is all you need. I truly liked the end to this story because it leaves nothing to be desired – everything is explained, Pearl’s train of thoughts is so logical and when she explains everything it suddenly comes to you and you think, really! She’s right! Every T is crossed and every I’s dotted and I really like it, especially as I really didn’t find the culprit and was not sure of their motives, especially when it came to the second victim. Julie Wassmer’s writing style is as warm as the characters themselves, it’s cosy and inviting and you immediately feel at home when reading the book. I really hope for more Pearl to come – I desperately need to see what’s going to happen with her and McGuire!