The Inheritance by Angie Coleman

The Inheritance by Angie Coleman


34355334Publisher: Aria

Publishing Date: 1st May  2017

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review!

Number of pages: 222

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

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Twenty-four-year-old Ashley Morgan thinks her future is guaranteed when she takes over the reins of her family business. What could go wrong?

But when her father decides to give the job to Jamie Standley, his right-hand man, Ashley feels cheated and breaks off all ties with her father.

Three years later at the reading of her late father’s Will, she discovers to her horror that Jamie will continue to be director of Morgan & Hall, while she will only receive a small share in the business. But on one condition: that Ashley and Jamie work together and live under the same roof for a whole year…

Once again Ashley feels betrayed and cheated. To her, Jamie is an impostor and she is determined to make him pay. But forced cohabitation can sometimes have unpredictable consequences…

Rating:  one-half-stars

I requested “The Inheritance” by Angie Coleman on NetGalley because a) the cover is cute and I am a sucker for such lovely, sweet covers and b) because even though the synopsis didn’t sound very original, it still was good and promised a few giggles. You can also read on the cover that it’s going to be a feisty, giggle – inducing romance. Guys, I am so, so sorry but this book was nothing like that.

My problems started already at the beginning with the main character Ashley. From the very first word you could see she’s spoiled and childish and she stayed like this for the whole, full of clichés, story. Used to getting everything she wanted in her life, at the first “no” she throws a tantrum bigger than a tsunami, feeling offended with everything and everybody and stops talking to her father, but when he dies three years later she expects she’s going to inherit his apartment and money (because she doesn’t have money and a place to live *haven’t expected this, never. Sigh*). Enter Jamie, a pastry chef and candy maker, who, instead of Ashley, has been chosen to run Ashley’s father’s company (hence Ashley being so offended). Fast forward three years, Ashley’s father is dead, and there is a condition in his will: to inherit apartment, Ashley has to live together with Jamie for twelve months. Jamie will only inherit the company if he works together with Ashley for a year.

Yes, guys. That’s the plot. It is to swallow, and it could be a really funny rom – com. But believe me, the characters are – sadly – even worst than the plot. They were both like fifteen years old teenagers, both moaning about each other, hating each other, Ashley behaving in the worst possible way and stating “you don’t know who you’re messin’ with”, sending messages from Jamie’s mobile, this kind of thing, then the woman from the law firm who were supposed to visit them and see if they work together (huh??? I mean, how???? How can you be sure that they are really going along?), Ashley forbad Jamie to watch TV and basically to use any other room in the apartment than his and Jamie fell into line, but in the meantime cooked for Ashley and tried to persuade her that she’s in love with him. There was NO connection between those two characters, no sparkles, no chemistry, let’s forget about any tension that should somehow indicate there is a teeny tiny sign of a sparkle… I also couldn’t see any history between those two, they got to know each other some time ago but there was nothing indicating they had feelings to each other.

I am truly sad that I feel like that about this book, I wanted to like it so much but I can’t change my feelings. I also decided to write this review because I managed to finish this book – skim reading, that’s it, but I managed. I just couldn’t keep up with the characters, the way they behaved, Ashley knowing everything best in the world, also about who her friends should be meeting, Jamie once giving no damn about Ashley and in the next second following her because she has a date. This romance was so unbelievable and didn’t work, the writing seemed so disconnected and yes, the idea was there, the potential was there but they weren’t delivered. However, please try this story for yourself, you may find yourself falling in love with it.