Little Boy Found by LK Fox/ #BlogTour

Little Boy Found by LK Fox

34877168Publisher: Quercus

Publishing Date: 6th June 2017

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley in return for an honest review!

Number of pages: 27o

Genre:  Mystery, Thriller

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The thriller with the twists you’ll never see coming! Perfect for fans of The Girl in the Ice and The Missing Ones.

When He Found His Little Boy, Nick Thought The Nightmare Was Over. . . It Was Only The Beginning.

One rainy morning, just after Nick drops off his young son Gabriel outside the crowded school gates, he has a minor collision with another car. The driver won’t surrender his insurance details, so Nick photographs the licence plate. When he gets home, he enlarges the shot on his phone and spots something odd about the picture-Gabriel in the back seat, being driven away by a stranger. Nick needs to know what happened to his boy, but losing Gabriel turns out to be far less terrible than the shock of finding him. Now, to discover the truth, he must relive the nightmare all over again…Be warned, this is not another missing child story: what happened to Nick and his son is far more shocking.

Rating: three-stars

I was totally taken by the blurb of “Little Boy Found”, and let’s be honest, the cover is also incredibly eye – catching and heart – breaking at the same time. I haven’t read any books by LK Fox who is, in fact, Christopher Fowler, but maybe this is why I so wanted to read this novel, and I started it as soon as it landed on my kindle, with great expectations, hoping for a story that will blow me away.

But guys, you know, it is complicated. This book has it all that a good psychological thriller needs but somehow, it just didn’t work for me. It made me lukewarm, I was not as engaged and to be honest, the most acclaimed twists didn’t blow me away and I didn’t feel the tension as much as I’d like to. I felt confused at the beginning, with the characters appearing in the story and it seemed they have nothing in common, that they are random people, and I was wondering where this book is going to take us. Told through the perspectives of Nick and Ella, it eventually slowly starts to unwind and we learn about the connections between the characters. And the ending didn’t sit with me. I think that if it ended a few pages earlier, it would be much better for the whole story – but it’s just my opinion.
Yes, I did want to find out what has happened and discovering the truth truly broke my heart. There were some twists in this story but sooner rather than later I found myself guessing their outcome. Yes, I kept reading, out of stubbornness and hoping that something really huge is coming, but the story stayed on the same steady level. You know, it bothers me a little, the fact that I can’t put my finger on what was it that didn’t sit with me so much.

So please, do not get me wrong. It was brilliantly written and it had tons of potential and I am incredibly sad that it didn’t work for me as much as I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I still do think this book is worth reading as it shows a really different perspective on the “child missing” concept to other books. So yes, I am truly torn about this novel but even with my reservations I think it is worth recommending – it is dark, it is different to all other thrillers and mysteries and it is interesting, and I hope you’re going to find it captivating.