Cocktails and Dreams by A.L. Michael – #BlogTour / Guest Post

Hi guys. After a very exhausting Monday (and actually, the whole week is going to be like this, boo) it’s time to relax. And what better way to do it than with a cocktail in hand, reading about The Magic of Cocktails? Because today, as a part of the blog tour (and this is my first stop on this blog tour. I have another one. Ha. Please come back on Friday for my review) for A. L. Michael’s “Cocktails and Dreams”, I have a brilliant guest post – so put your feet high, be sure to have your cocktail at hand, and enjoy!

The Magic of Cocktails



I have to admit – I was not the biggest cocktail fan. I’m from London – cocktails are expensive, flashy and probably not as good an investment as a large glass of wine. It wasn’t always this way.

 Cocktails remind me of being eighteen. We used to drink tequila sunrises at Los Locos in Covent Garden, where ‘Nobody is ugly after 3am’. (I can attest to the fact that that is not true). The next year we would hit the buy one get one free deals during happy hour at B@1. I always had two boozy oreo milkshakes. The idea of this now makes me feel queasy. Although, I’m disturbed by freakshakes and unicorn-themed food, so I’m not really on trend.

 Later, in the summer before university, and when we returned for group meet ups in the holidays, we would do what I called ‘the circuit’. I had it down exactly once – how to hit all of the happy hours in five different bars in Covent Garden. You had to time it right, and go in a specific order, but I had it worked out perfectly. And of course, you picked the most alcoholic drinks, the ones that were the best value. Or the ones that were the prettiest, with sparklers and umbrellas.

 So after that, cocktails to me just tasted like sugar and disappointment. Wine was where it was at. Wine could be sipped elegantly, or with a meal. The problem is, when you’re a wine drinker who goes out partying, you end up feeling sleepy with a sore head the next day.

 As I’ve grown, found new, fun places to go in the capital, I have found a new appreciation for cocktails. They’re not to be glugged, or thrown back in a hurry. They’re to be savoured – the balance to be enjoyed. I like to taste and search for each ingredient, identify what makes it taste the way it does. I have had cocktails set on fire and served in bunsen burners, and I’ve explored the simple and classic ones that make your eyes burn, but look good with an instagram filter.

 I think what I like about them now is that they’re individual – cocktails are an expression of personality, both for the creator and the consumer. They tell time and define eras – the same way we will always associate Carrie Bradshaw with a Cosmo or James Bond with a Martini. I especially like that the Bellini, a simple and elegant drink, pretty and sparkly, was allegedly created by Ernest Hemingway in Harry’s Bar, Venice. I like the stories behind the drinks, and the stories people share whilst drinking them.

 That’s what Cocktails and Dreams is about – a bartender who starts to get crazy with her flavours, who is inspired by food and friendship and a different way of life, and starts to see the world differently. She wants to create things that get people excited and inspired.

 So I’m going to ask you: if you were a cocktail, which would you be?

(I’d probably be something very, very spicy right now 🙂 )