The Intruder by P.S. Hogan

The Intruder by P.S. Hogan


37671542Publisher: Transworld Digital

Publishing Date: 1st February 2018

Source:  Received from publisher in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 281

Genre: Psychological Suspense

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He has the key to hundreds of houses.
Maybe even to yours.

William Heming is an estate agent. He’s kept a copy of every key to every house he’s ever sold. Sometimes he visits them. He lets himself in – quietly, carefully – to see who lives there now, what they’re like, what they’ve been doing.

But what will happen when he gets caught?

Rating: four-stars

The main character in “The Intruder”, William Heming, is an estate agent – so far so good, right? However, he secretly copies keys of each of the houses he has sold. Why, I hear you ask. Well, I was asking this question as well. It seems that he just likes visiting those houses, to see how their owners live, to make himself a coffee or sleep on their sofa. He also sometimes serves justice when he sees that it is necessary – in his opinion. Creepy, don’t you think? However, he generally wasn’t dangerous or frightening, he was your normal citizen, a businessman, with an unusual hobby that – of course – nobody knows about. Through the pages, his obsession seems to grow bigger and bigger, and thanks to some retrospections we get to know about his childhood, what has happened and what has driven him – though, I must be totally honest with you, I personally haven’t seen the connection between this creepiness and his childhood. But that’s me.

What’s funny, at the beginning you find yourself liking William, you’re being lulled in the false sense of fondness, but when the story continues the more I got to know him, the more I disliked him. He was, however, brilliantly pictured by the author and believe me, you wouldn’t like to have William as your enemy. On the surface he was a normal guy, kind, polite and hard – working but it was actually this what was inside him that made him tick. The whole story is being told from his perspective. I was starting to think that he’s psychopathic, and what consolidated me in my opinion was the fact that he wasn’t able to feel remorse, his head was always full of explanations and justifications.
It was a very annoying book – annoying, because I felt such dislike to the main character and still I wanted to read further and further, it somehow drew me in, it grew on me the more I read. There is something compelling in his character, and as the story is told only from his point of view you feel as if you sit in his head and knows his deepest thoughts and secrets – and it’s not a great place to be, guys. You really are not sure what he’d be able to do next and probably this is why his story is so hooking. There is something fascinating in his character.

It was a very slow read, and the storyline takes its time to develop, and actually the biggest twists and turns take place in the last quarter of it. But nevertheless, there is something in the writing, in the plot that draws you in and you just want to see where the story is going.
Altogether, “The Intruder” was a claustrophobic, addictive read, thought – provoking and incendiary, and am I happy that I didn’t have to buy my house. It was captivating and full of food for thought, with unique storyline and unforgettable main character. The story was not over – done, the writing was really great and I can whole – heartedly recommend this book to you.