A Year of New Adventures by Maddie Please / #BlogTour + Guest Post

Hi you lovely folks out there. Valentine’s Day, right? Today I have another blog tour for you, to celebrate Maddie Please’s new novel. Last year I read her debut novel “The Summer of Second chances” and I adored it, so I didn’t hesitate long to take part in the blog tour. I have a brilliant guest post from Maddie for you today, so put your feet high, enjoy the chocolates that you got and have fun!

My Writing Soundtrack.


When I am writing I listen to the radio. I’m not organised enough to do a Spotify playlist and anyway I do like to listen to the occasional bit of chitchat as well. Radio 1 is a foreign country to me these days. Best selling, chart topping, rowdy, internationally famous bands I’ve never heard of. Radio 2 is ok, Radio 3 just not my scene, sorry.  Radio 4 beyond dull these days, the only thing I occasionally listen to is the omnibus Archers on Sunday morning. And then I nearly always pause to wonder what the hell is going on? Who are these people with their random relationships, fights, feuds and pregnancies? Blowed if I know. It used to be about farming. The most exciting thing was would it rain before Phil Archer managed to get the harvest in?

No, I have found my listening home and it’s a gem of a radio station; BBC Radio Devon.

In my opinion this radio station cannot be beaten. The day starts with Gordon Sparks, known as Sparksy, cheerful banter and his guess the year Gordon hours. At 10.00am is David Fitzgerald (Fitz) with his Siamese cat obsession and the world’s only radio crossword. I’m not making this up. People – (I think it’s always the same gang, such as Gloria from Feniton who phones in so often she has her own jingle, or Eddie who is blind and only allows herself a biscuit if she’s been for a walk,) ring up to answer clues and win a t-shirt and what Fitz politely describes as a ‘load of tut.’ He often interviews local authors keen to publicise their books. Naturally enough it’s my ambition to be interviewed by him.

In the afternoon there is the Devon Debates programme with Janet Kipling when listeners ring up to debate the issues of the day. It’s incredible stuff when certain participants such as Electric Mike from Braunton have to be faded out because they are so whacky. Then to round off the afternoon three hours of Matt Woodley and the beautifully named Pippa Quelch. This pair are so well matched they routinely reduce each other to uncontrollable giggles and presumably have to be taken out the back to calm down.

And the music? You wouldn’t describe it as edgy or startling. It’s gentle, ideal background music and suits me just fine. And if Fitz wants to interview me, I’m available.



One thought on “A Year of New Adventures by Maddie Please / #BlogTour + Guest Post

  1. I do have a sort of passion for Radio Devon. It’s like all my friends have started a radio station and I’m listening in. So pleased you enjoyed my second book and many thanks for your blog and kind words, I really appreciate it xx


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