The House of Hopes and Dreams by Trisha Ashley / #BlogTour

The House of Hopes and Dreams by Trisha Ashley


37823355Publisher: Bantam Press

Publishing Date: 8th March 2018

Source:  Received from the publisher in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 309

Genre: Women’s Fiction

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This novel from the Sunday Times bestselling Trisha Ashley will more than satisfy romantic comedy fans. And it also contains recipes!

When Carey Revell unexpectedly becomes the heir to Mossby, his family’s ancestral home, it’s rather a mixed blessing. The house is large but rundown and comes with a pair of resentful relatives who can’t be asked to leave.
Still, newly dumped by his girlfriend and also from his job as a TV interior designer, Carey needs somewhere to lick his wounds. And Mossby would be perfect for a renovation show. He already knows someone who could restore the stained glass windows in the older part of the house…

Angel Arrowsmith has spent the last ten years happily working and living with her artist mentor and partner. But suddenly bereaved, she finds herself heartbroken, without a home or a livelihood. Life will never be the same again – until old friend Carey Revell comes to the rescue.

They move in to Mossby with high hopes. But the house has a secret at its heart: an old legend concerning one of the famous windows. Will all their dreams for happiness be shattered? Or can Carey and Angel find a way to make this house a home?

Heart-warming, witty and quirkily original, Trisha Ashley’s THE HOUSE OF HOPES AND DREAMS will delight both old fans and new readers alike.


Trisha Ashley always takes us on brilliant, bumpy rides in her books and this time, in her newest offer, “The House of Hopes and Dreams”, it’s not different, as the main character tries to overcome a personal tragedy. This story is very artistic and there is a wonderful, creative side to it. This book has also one of the most gorgeous and inviting covers ever – it’s simply beautiful and I could look at it all the time. Hell, I’ll probably enlarge it and hang it on the wall, so magnificent is this.

“The House of Hopes and Dreams” follows two main characters, Carey and Angel. Carey is just recovering from a bike accident when he finds out that he’s just inherited a house from his uncle. It’s just in time, as he’s only lost his job as a house renovation program’s TV presenter.
Angel has just lost everything, literally. Her partner has died and she’s left with no house and no job, as he’s never managed to write his will and everything is inherited by his son who hates Angel. Both Carey and Angel are looking for a fresh start and as they’re old friends, Carey offers Angel a place to live and work, a use of the workshop on the property and to turn the house into a lovely place. The house, however, is a venue full of its own secrets, and it also comes with a bad – tempered housekeeper and a gardener. Will Carey and Angel be able to find out the residence’s past and move to a better future?

Trisha Ashley always creates unique and eclectic characters. I really like characters like Angel and Carey – creative and full of ideas. Also, they were likeable and believable. At the beginning I felt really sorry for Angel, then I felt somehow annoyed by her but altogether she was a woman who could stand for herself and take matters in her own hands. At the beginning, Angel just didn’t put a fight and let the things just happen, and it took a lot of time before she turned into the feisty, quirky typical Trisha Ashley’s heroine. Yes, it exasperated me but I think that what mostly made me so angry was the fact that she actually couldn’t put any fight because she was hard done by others and by circumstances, and probably it was this powerlessness that annoyed me so much.
Carey was easygoing and uncomplicated and it really made a difference to have such a character for once.

The narration in this story changes between present and past. We get to know the history of Mossby, the house that’s recently been inherited by Carey (and his story as well), in the brilliant area of Lancashire, told through the diary entries from over 100 years ago – this was a diary of a famous stained glass artist Jessie Kaye, who lived in Mossby this many years ago. They were a great, albeit brief, glimpses into her life, full of surprises and secrets and I liked them very much – and the story of Angelica, who’s suddenly found herself homeless and jobless after her partner’s death.

The stained glass thread was also very unique and you could see how many research has gone into bringing it to life so well but it was just too much for me, I really don’t need so many detailed info about stained glass, especially in such a story. There was something that I can’t put my finger on that didn’t work for me in this book. It was a feel – good novel and theoretically it had all the elements of a brilliant chick – lit with a twist and depth, but practically it didn’t deliver for me. Probably it was the case of “it’s not you, it’s me”, so please do not feel put out by my words and just read this book for yourself. There was really nothing wrong with it, it was a lovely, warm story, only for me “The House of Hopes and Dreams” was a book with stronger and weaker moments. and also the book had moments that it just dragged on and on, and also felt slightly repetitive. The parts about Carey’s plans, about Angel setting up to her new life and chances, they were lovely, but also they dragged and they weren’t as suspenseful. But also, there were many fascinating secrets, it was rich in adorable descriptions and it was complex, multi – layered tale and with a mystery running through it. I can only highly recommend this book to Trisha Ashley’s fans.



One thought on “The House of Hopes and Dreams by Trisha Ashley / #BlogTour

  1. Sounds perfect, especially about the stained glass, I love how Trisha Ashley always weaves in crafts and skills in to her characters very well-researched, I’m sure to pick this one up


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