Mad by Chloé Esposito (Blog Tour)

Mad by Chloé Esposito


35533573Publisher: Penguin

Publishing Date: 31st May 2018

Series: Mad, Bad & Dangerous to Know Trilogy #1

Source:  Received from the publisher in return for an honest review, thank you!

Number of pages: 400

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adults)

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Seven days of sin. Seven days of secrets. Seven days to steal her sister’s life.

Beth has always been the golden girl, leaving her identical twin, Alvie, in her shadow. She has everything Alvie ever wanted – the money, the hot husband, the cute baby, the fast car.

So when she invites Alvie for seven sun-drenched days at her luxury villa in Sicily, Alvie accepts. Just because Alvie can’t stand Beth doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy a slice of her decadent lifestyle.

But her usually goody-two-shoes twin has a hidden agenda. And when the sisters swap identities for a day, it ends badly for Beth. Very badly.

It’s Alvie’s chance to steal the life that she deserves . . .

If she can get away with it.

Rating: five-stars


Alvina finds herself jobless and homeless, so even though she’s not so into seeing her twin sister Beth after all this time, the invitation to visit her and her family living in Sicily couldn’t come in a better time. Yes, Alvie has always refused but on this occasion she just finds herself at a loss, so she decides to go. Well, Beth pays for the tickets, right.
Without giving away too much and spoiling the reading to you, Alvina doesn’t expect this what she comes upon in Sicily, and this involves murder, betrayal, handsome men and mafia. So there.

I’ll be honest with you. I tried to read this book last year when it was published in hardcover and I put it down thinking, what a complete craziness it is. However, this time, I was probably in a mood for such story, and full of expectations and anticipation I started reading it again. This book is totally bonkers. Crazyville. It’s so annoying that I eventually completely fell in love with it and couldn’t put it down. The title sums it up perfectly. What is even better is the fact that “Mad” is the first book in the Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know Trilogy, so there is more from Alvina to come. It somehow reminded me of “Pulp Fiction”, with so much blood and killing, and Alvina herself I imagined as Harley Quinn played by Margot Robbie.

The characters were abso – bloody – brilliant! So sharp and clear and with distinctive voices. Beth was always the favourite twin and Alvina always lived in her sister’s shadow – she was never good enough, she was always the spare one. It’s not a wonder that the sisters didn’t get on. Altogether you could say that Alvina was awful .But I also could understand her, especially as we get to know about her childhood through the many flashbacks in the book. She was almost the outcast of the family, she has never felt loved and really, my heart went to her when I read about her and Beth’s birthdays or other events. So it’s no wonder that she wanted nothing to do with her family and actually it was understandable why she was the way she was, however I haven’t expected her to open and “relax” so much during her holidays, hmmm… She’s not the most likeable character, our Alvina, you can’t stop thinking that she exaggerates but also I was somehow rooting for her. And call me a softie, but I think there is a second face to Alvina – it’s just my gut feeling telling me that maybe, deep deep inside she’s a softie as well? I don’t know, and I can’t wait to see if I’m right or not. Yes, she was over the top abrasive, arrogant, vulgar and I suppose we’re not meant to like her but I just couldn’t help falling in love with her and actually, loving to hate her as well.

Each chapter is titled with one of the 7 deadly sins, so we have Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony, Greed and Pride, and they’re really jam – packed with those attributes, and Alvina, well, she is full of those deadly sins. It is also set over the period of one week only, and lots of things happens during this week. We travel to Sicily, and when you think that mafia times are over, please think it over once again. The pace of this novel is incredible, it’s a real roller – coaster ride full of events, and all kinds of events, so be prepared for murder, hit men, romances, designer stores, mafia… Whatever takes your fancy is probably in this book, and it works perfectly together. It is addictive, compulsive read that would make a brilliant movie. Usually I would probably roll my eyes and say that it was too unbelievable but really, guys, this book was just incredible, it stretched the imagination and I couldn’t wait to see what there is more in store for us.

“Mad” is full to brims of huge eyes “WOW” moments, moments full of empty laughter, and the more crazy and unbelievable the better. It is gripping, it is thrilling, it is sexy, filthy and full of blood, dangerous, exciting and crazy, over – stepping the boundaries and I simply loved it. There are many twists and the book took me by surprise more than a few times, and it’s really hard to take me by surprise these days, when everything is so predictable. It is such a breath of fresh air, guys, something completely different and even when you think it might not be your cup of tea, just go with an open mind into this book and let it surprise you as much as it surprised me. Recommended!