One Little Lie by Sam Carrington (Guest Post / Blog Tour)

Hi guys, today is my stop on Sam Carrington’s blog tour, celebrating the release of her new gripping novel “One Little Lie”. If you’re like me and likes reading guest posts then you’re for a treat today, as Sam has written a little piece on location in the novel. It’s brilliant, so put your feet high and enjoy!


One Little Lie – on location.

Alongside the prison setting in One Little Lie,the town of Totnes, in Devon, remains a key location.Psychologist Connie Summers – who we first met in Bad Sister– has her counselling practice there. Although Connieis a central character, along with DI Lindsay Wade and DS Mack, this book is really Alice Mann’s story.

Alice is the mother of a murderer and she is struggling to come to terms with this and the impact her son’s actions have had on her and his victim’s family. She moved to Totnes to escape the past and rebuild her life, but she still feels massive guilt and so in an attempt to gain redemption she sets up asupport group for parents whose children have challenging behaviour or committed crimes. These monthly meetings take place ina church hall in the centre of Totnes. In addition to the support group, she seeks professional help from Connie, so a large part of the novel takes place in Totnes.

Totnes is a historical market town situated at the head of the estuary of the River Dart and has many beautiful features. It’s a place I love, and I visit regularly.


The narrow streets lined with indie shops and boutiques, interior furnishers, art galleries and gift shops are quaint and offer a more unique shopping experience than the surrounding towns.


The East Gate Arch is one of the most prominent and famous features of Totnes, it straddles the street and was originally the entrance to the old Elizabethan walled town. It was reconstructed after a devastating fire in 1990. Connie’s counselling practice is just beyond the arch, on the right going up the hill.

I really like having a few real locations in my novels, although it can be a bit restrictive. For those who also know Totnes well, they might notice I have played around a bit with the geography in parts – but hopefully not too much!

Dartmoor, specifically Haytor, doesn’t play a central role in One Little Lie as it has in my previous novels, but it does feature briefly. Andagain, for One Little Lie, I have used the fictional town of Coleton – which is situated a few miles from Totnes.The police station, where DI Wade and DS Mack are based, is located there, and it’s where Connie lives.

I think I will continue to set my novels in Devon, it’s a place I’ve lived all my life and there are so many beautiful locations that I could use. I’m sure it will continue to inspire my stories and be the perfect backdrop.



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