The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy by BM Carroll

The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy by BM Carroll


38470065Publisher: Penguin

Publishing Date: 27th December 2018

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Number of pages: 400

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Crime & Thriller

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‘Intriguing, compelling. Impossible to put down and irresistibly good’ Liane Moriarty

No one is who they seem to be.

Sophie McCarthy is known for her determination, ambition and brilliance. She’s tough, but only because she wants to get the best out of people.

Aidan Ryan is strong, honourable, and a family man. He’s tough too; the army requires it.

Now Sophie’s life is in ruins and Aidan is responsible. Her family wants to see him pay for what he did. His family is just as devastated.

Aidan’s prepared to sacrifice everything – including his marriage and his child – to fix the mess he’s made.

But Sophie, who is facing a lifetime of pain, is darker and much more complicated than she first appeared . . .

The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy is a gripping, impossible-to-put-down exploration of betrayal and revenge.

Rating: four-stars

Sophie is a successful, young woman however her healthy and busy life is ceased when she’s involved in a car accident. After spending a huge amount of time at the hospital, her life consists now of pain. However, there is also a bright side to it – Sophie and the driver of the car, Aidan, who guilt – ridden has been visiting her in the hospital, fell in love. Aidan left his family, his wife Chloe and daughter Jasmin, to be with Sophie. But there are problems and troubles everywhere, and the court date for the accident is looming closer, and suddenly all involved in this family drama start to see that their lives are not as straight – forward as they’ve been thinking.

The author has created the main character in such a perfect way. You start reading the book feeling sympathy to Sophie McCarthy, adoring her in fact because of the way she’s coping with her life now, seeing how much she has lost and how far she could go if it weren’t for the accident that was absolutely not her fault. She’s such a strong person, intelligent, ambitious and she truly knows what she wants. However, the more we read, the more we learn about Sophie and her past and the more we start to dislike her – I like such complex characters that are not too straightforward. It was fascinating to see how Sophie has seen herself and how the others have seen her – her parents Richard and Dee, and it’s already remarkable how different the opinions of those two were. Then we have Aidan, his wife Chloe and the nine – year – old Jasmin, and Hannah and Jane, Sophie’s assistants at work. Theoretically, with being tough, determined and ambitious, she had all the attributes of a great character. Practically, the way she used those qualities around people and in her life made her impossible to like. However, I think that the situation is not so obvious. Yes, Sophie wasn’t a particularly nice person, she was, in fact, a bully, but on the other hand, wasn’t she a victim as well? Not only because of the accident, but deeper, of her father’s ambitions and the way he dotted on her? One thing is for sure, it was a great character study that is going to make you think.
All the other characters were as well multi – faceted and complex, with life challenging them more than necessary. They felt relatable and true to life. I was asking myself all the time if it was really love, or maybe guilt, on Aidan’s side – though, to be honest, I think he was too straightforward and too honest to fake his feelings. So maybe it was not love but fascination, but whatever it was, he was honest.

I really liked the way the book was built. The chapters are told from different points of view and there is a group of characters that the story introduces us to but it was just the right number to keep the track of them easily. This way, it slowly and engagingly unravelled the plot, telling us the backgrounds stories, letting us to make up our mind on our own. It helped to built an intriguing, suspenseful story. There was a tension to this book, and this overwhelming feeling that something is going to happen – just the way I like it. I’ll be honest, at the beginning I thought it is going to be totally different kind of read, the title made me think that perhaps it’s going to be a gory thriller full of parts of body (yep, I know. My imagination) but it turned out into a relatively fast – paced and tense domestic noir psychological drama, war of nerves and race against time that I really enjoyed. BM Carroll has captured the atmosphere of uncertainty and toxicity, added some twists and turns that truly made me wonder, and well, yes, the plot is perhaps not new, focusing on things and events that we often come across in this type of books, but it truly well worked for me. There were secrets, drama, betrayal, revenge and innocent lives at stake and the author, with her way of writing, kept me firmly in her grasp.

“The Missing Pieces of Sophie McCarthy” dealt with so many issues: fertility, single parenthood, guilt, bullying, but the one that hit me a lot were probably the severe sleeping problems Jasmin had. The descriptions of the way she felt, and how Chloe felt, the desperation, the not – knowing, were brilliant and heart – breaking. This was a complex read, full of many layers and it was great to be able to unpeel them all to eventually get to the end. Truly recommended!