You Can Take Her Home Now by Anna Jefferson

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You Can Take Her Home Now by Anna Jefferson


44031173Publisher: Orion

Publishing Date: 21st March 2019

Source:  Received from the publisher, thank you!

Number of pages: 352

Genre: General Fiction, Parenting, Humour

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Hilariously funny and excruciatingly relatable – perfect for fans of THE UNMUMSY MUM, Louise Pentland and Gill Sims.

Emily is sure she’s getting this baby stuff all wrong. Why does everyone else look like they’re smashing motherhood when she’s barely made it out of her maternity leggings and out of the house?

Her other half tries to say all the right things (can’t he just keep making her toast?). Her mum is brilliant (but on the other side of the country). Her two new mum-friends seem to feel like misfits too – but there’s really just one person she wants to open up to . . . only Emily hasn’t spoken to her for fifteen years.

Lonely but not alone, Emily’s about to discover that when you’re starting a family, what you really need are your friends.

Rating: five-stars


Emily has just become a mum. She’s overwhelmed with love to her little daughter Lucy but she’s also full of fear – is she doing all the things right or wrong? Is she a good mum? Is this NORMAL that sometimes she dreams of being single and childless again…? Her boyfriend tries to help as well as he can but oh well, he’s almost all the time at work, right? Of course, Emily’s old friends don’t have children so they don’t know what she’s going through – there is one person who could understand her but they haven’t spoken for fifteen years… Emily sets her mind on making new friends and trying to get this whole parenting malarkey under control – but will she manage? 

I loved Emily – from the very beginning, in the labour ward, she felt like my best friend. We have the same way of thinking, she reacted similarly to me in so many situations, we felt the same – she was actually me after I’ve had my baby. . She told how it really is to feel so low, to be angry without a reason with those that you are supposed to love most, how confusing it is to be so… confused, and that really, nobody can prepare you for this what’s to come when your baby arrives. And this all was written in such a brilliant, light – hearted and uplifting way. Of course, I couldn’t help but fell for Emily, feel her pain and confusion and then you I wanted to cheer her on, to give her a pat on her back and tell her that she’s doing a great job and that I’ve been there, I’ve seen this and thank you for telling this out loud.  

What I also liked was the fact that the author didn’t focus so much on Lucy – she was there, of course, and she was adorable, but it was actually a book about Emily. Even though she had a feeling that everybody around her asks her only about Lucy, that every single sentence starts with Lucy and not with her, it was a story about Emily, and I loved it. And the book had a plot! Yes! It was not only about the early parenthood but there were also some twists and turns and unpleasant surprises on the way, and this worked perfectly well together. It touched upon family dynamics, relationships and friendship in a great, down to earth way. And it made me laugh out loud. And I mean, really. So loud that my daughter was asking me what am I reading and can I read it to her too – of course I did! And she laughed as well. How can you not laugh when Emily accidentally high – fived the doctor for example? Or wanted to hurt her boyfriend with a paper – cut on his forehead? Brilliant, simply brilliant things, small things but so accurate and so sharply written, and with my kind of humour. 

This lovely, charming novel perfectly slots into the trend of books about parenthood. You could roll your eyes and say, not another book about a new mum, but believe me, guys, “You Can Take Her Home Now” is absolutely refreshing, hilarious and yes, of course, also brutally honest but it’s a read with a difference as well.

Altogether “You Can Take Her Home Now” was a perfectly relatable book and no matter if you’re a parent or not, you should simply read it! As a mum, I could easily relate to Emily, as a non – parent you will easily enjoy the humour and hilariousness of some of the events and the brilliant, chatty writing style. The story shows that you can’t do a bad job as a parent, so really, don’t worry too much, and if you’re too deep in the dark, dark hole don’t be afraid to admit it. I can whole – heartedly recommend this true – to – life and overwhelmingly feel – good story to you.