A Patchwork Family: Moving On” by Cathy Bramley

A Patchwork Family: Moving On by Cathy Bramley


51gxvtvvgrlPublisher: Orion

Publishing Date: 1st August 2019

Series: A Patchwork Family #1

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!

Number of pages: 88

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

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This is part one in an uplifting four-part serial from bestseller Cathy Bramley.

Gina Moss is proud of herself: she’s just had the most amicable divorce ever. No arguments, no fuss, no drama. It means she has plenty of time and energy for her thriving childminding business too.

Welcome Cottage is both home and workplace for Gina. It sits just on the edge of The Evergreens – a grand if slightly run-down Victorian residence to three octogenarians who have far too much fun for their age: Violet, Delphine and Bing.

But a tragedy puts her older friends at risk of eviction – and Gina in charge of the battle to save them. It might be her first fight, but it’s one that Gina is determined not to lose…

A Patchwork Family is a heart-warming novel told in four parts, following the challenges and triumphs faced by Gina Moss as she swaps an easy life for a happy one. This is the first part.

Rating: four-stars


“Moving On” is the first part in the new serialisation by Cathy Bramley, and it is absolutely brilliant introduction to something that – I am deadly sure – is going to be a wonderful, warm story full of ups and downs for the characters. Well, the downs have started already, as we are left on a cliff-hanger in the last chapter!

This short novella is like a tribute to Cathy Bramley. It is full of her hallmark chatty, warm and welcoming banter between the characters, wonderful setting, fun, humour and a little sadness. Our main heroine Gina Moss has just divorced and can now focus on her career – she works as a child – minder at her cottage with a wonderful name Welcome Cottage. There is such a lovely, beautiful bond between Gina and her charges, you can feel that she adores them and that she really cares about them. Gina is surrounded by a bunch of great, vivid characters that I thought are going to pop out of the pages at any moment, they are all so realistic and had their own, huge personalities, even when they had a little too much to drink – they are incredibly funny then.

It was a great and very promising beginning, introducing as – quickly and efficiently – to all the most important players and giving us an idea what can happen in the next parts. Cathy Bramley has again created a world that, even with all the troubles and problems, is inviting and colourful and you want to be a part of it and help the characters. Gina was so easy to like, and I’ve immediately warmed to her, her dry sense of humour and probably because she, just like moi, works with children. I really can’t wait for the next parts to see the light of the day, I am sure we’re for a real treat and that many, many adventures are waiting for us to discover. Recommended!