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Mummy Needs a Break by Susan Edmunds


44298525Publisher: Avon

Publishing Date: 8th July 2019

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!

Number of pages: 336

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

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A hilarious story of the ups and downs of unexpected single motherhood, the perfect laugh-out-loud romance for fans of Why Mummy Drinks, The Unmumsy Mum and The Not So Perfect Mum.

With a devilish toddler and baby number two on the way, Rachel’s big dream is to one day go to the toilet on her own. So, she’s surprised to discover that her husband has found the time to have an exciting affair while she’s been bringing up their family.

Suddenly, Rachel is left wrangling with a child who will only eat crackers and a 35-week bump. She knows even Mumsnet isn’t going to solve this.

What Rachel needs is a handsome, good-with-children, single man. But she can barely leave the house without a stain on her top and child on her hip. How on earth can she claim her life back, let alone thinking about dating?



Rachel is married to Stephen, they have a 2 – year – old boy already and she’s about to have their second child, when she discovers that her husband’s been having an affair. Confronted, Stephen admits and leaves Rachel, leaving her alone to cope with Thomas, who can be a bit of a handful, and all the things new baby. What is Rachel going to do? Will she manage on her own? 

Despite the inviting, colourful cover, funny title and synopsis I didn’t find this book funny, to be honest. I rather found it sad and not too uplifting and it disappointed me a little because I was expecting another hilarious, light – hearted read in succession about modern family and parenting full of ups and downs. There were moments it felt too chopped, with one things barely happening, then ending and suddenly changing to another thing, lacking in supporting details. 

Stephen was some piece of work, even I must admit it – the author has managed to write one of the most dislikeable characters ever. I mean, leaving your pregnant wife for another woman is one thing, but then kicking her out of their home, with a toddler?          I had problems with the main character, I simply couldn’t warm to her. I couldn’t understand some of her decisions and I think she was too old and too smart for this kind of revenge that she cooked up. Of course, she’s doing her best to raise her children, she struggles but never gives up and it deserves a standing ovation – but still I couldn’t warm to her. I needed more development, more feelings.                                                           Actually, all the characters were too wooden for my liking, and one thing that annoyed me incredibly was Rachel’s two – years – old son who was talking like an adult – there was nothing charming in his character.

This was a book that simply didn’t work for me – I am sorry for this, I really am, but such things happen. It could be w great story about second chances, moving on, getting strength but for me it lacked in execution and fleshed out characters. Don’t get me wrong, it had potential and its moments, and I will be for sure reading more from Ms Edmunds – I liked the writing style, it was chatty and welcoming and easy to follow, and please, do not feel put out by my words, this book already has some brilliant reviews so simply give it a go if you’re looking for a light, entertaining and quick read.