Honeymoon for One by Frankie Collins

Honeymoon for One by Frankie Collins


Publisher: Boldwood Books 46361238._sy475_

Publishing Date: 6th August 2019

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!

Number of pages: 344

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

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When disaster strikes, paradise calls…
As a published novelist, Lila Rose has been writing about fictional weddings all her life. But disaster strikes on her own big day when she hears her philandering fiancé, Daniel whispering sweet nothings to someone else.

With her dream day shattered, all Lila wants to do is run and hide, so she decides to fly solo on her own honeymoon.

When Daniel arrives in the resort with his new squeeze, Lila strikes up a ‘showmance’ with hot new movie star, Freddie Bianchi. Freddie is perfect for the part and Lila soon relaxes into her leading lady role.

But as truth starts to merge with fiction, could real love be in the air?

A sizzling holiday romance, perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella, Lindsey Kelk and Sophie Ranald’s Sorry Not Sorry.

Rating:  five-stars


Lila Rose is a romantic comedy author and she knows what her readers expect from her – happy ending of course, so she always gives them what they want. She’s planned so many weddings in her books that she knows well how her own should look like, without all the pitfalls and troubles her characters experience. However, what she hasn’t counted on was hearing her husband – to – be Daniel and her friend Eva confessing their love on the day Lila and Daniel are supposed to get married.
Lila does a runner, flying off on honeymoon on her own. However, San Valentino is supposed to be about coupled and for couples only, so she can’t even get a massage on her own. But can Lila find happiness, write her book and recuperate, when there is a man sharing her villa, and several others make an unwelcome appearance?

I immediately knew I have to read this book – Frankie Collins is, in fact, Portia McIntosh, and I love her stories, so there was no way that I was missing out on “Honeymoon for One”. And it absolutely lived up to my expectations, the book is like all the other ones that I fell in love with, full of brilliant, quirky characters and fabulous humour. I simply loved it, I think there was not a thing that I can complain about – not that I want to! It made me smile, it made me laugh, it had me cringe with embarrassment, shortly – it kept me entertained and this is what I needed so much at the moment.

The setting was gorgeous, the descriptions of the island were so vivid, bringing all the places to life – it was actually so brilliantly and realistically described that I wanted to have a look at Google and see if it actually exists.. There were some mentions of delicious, Italian food that made me hungry – don’t read it on an empty stomach! But as much as all the things were fabulous, those were the characters that made the book so, so adorably wonderful. I think I shouldn’t start on Freddie because I won’t stop swooning over him, the sort of hero you dream of, period. Ali was hilarious, I’m not sure how I was imagining a literary agent but for sure not like this, and I loved her fierce loyalty to Lila and simply, the way she was. Lila herself was my kind of girl, funny and sharp but also vulnerable. I couldn’t believe Eva and Daniel’s lack of shame, especially Eva’s, but also the way Daniel talked with Lila made me want to bang his head on the wall – I felt very protective of Lila, oh yes. Actually, all the other characters, no matter how background ones they were, were absolutely brilliant, full of personalities, adding so much meaning and fun to the whole story.

The writing style is flowing. It is warm and chatty and full of sarcasm and brilliant one – liners, and the banter between the characters is what makes it so outstanding. And some of the twists in the plot made me go “whaaaaaaat”, surprising and unexpected, which is only a huge bonus.

There is sun, heat, sea, delicious food, idyllic location, some incredibly hilarious things happening, the best banter between the well developed characters and hot romance mixed with poignant moments and while it might not be a book that is going to stay with for ever, I loved it and everything that happened between the covers. It was like a welcoming embrace, a great warm hug giving you comfort, a breath of fresh air, I think one of the author’s best books. Now I only need a porn star martini. Highly recommended! (The book. Not necessary martini. Though why not?)