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Erotic Fiction? by Hannah Lynn


Publisher: 48729140._sy475_

Publishing Date: 14th February 2020

Source:  Received for the blog tour purposes

Number of pages: 313

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

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There’s nothing sexy about her humdrum life as a mum. But is her husband’s
crazy scheme a bit too exciting?

Sarah’s mind-numbing housewife existence is turning her brain to mush. With her
third bun in the oven, this British mum is drowning under a mountain of playdates,
bills, and head lice checks. But her man’s get-rich-quick idea of writing steamy
novels isn’t her ideal way to dial up life’s passion.
Drew desperately wants a break from Sarah’s whinging. And if that means
researching how to write racy books all by himself, then he’ll make the sacrifice. But
as he finally warms Sarah up to the sultry side hustle, their R-rated private project
gets publicly exposed…
With an office scandal brewing, it’s only a matter of time before gawking workers
and a perfectly nosy PTA president turn them into social pariahs.
Can Sarah and Drew earn some extra income from sizzling lit without falling prey to
stiff gossip?
Erotic Fiction is a charming comedy for fans of humorous fiction. If you like sweet
love stories, endearing characters, and dry British humor, then you’ll adore Kindle
Storyteller Award Winner Hannah Lynn’s delightful tale.
Buy Erotic Fiction to slip into something a little more lovable today!



Sarah is a stay at home mum, pregnant with a baby number three and feeling unchallenged as a housewife and with lack of career. Her husband Drew is a lovely, hard – working guy who tries to help as much as he can but it often isn’t enough. They’re struggling financially but then, one day, Drew has an excellent idea that could bring them more money – to write an erotic fiction novel. And when Sarah declines, he decides to write it himself.

The author has done a great job in describing the relationship between Sarah and Drew, making it feel really realistic, capturing well the factor that made the marriage drift apart a little. There was so much going on, with two young children and third on the way, with Drew working but the money being always too short, and them both eventually feeling neglected and misunderstood. Then there is of course the one perfect yummy – mummy, so perfect that I wanted to bang her head on the wall, I tell you, and Sarah’s reactions to her were absolutely hilarious.
I think that Drew was the hero of this story, even if he didn’t start very promising at the beginning, looking like your typical working dad, glued to his phone and helping occasionally with the children. Oh no. Yes, he was doing his best and then he had this – in his opinion – brilliant idea, and I adored how fierce and consequent he was.

She has also managed to add depth to this, on the surface, very light – hearted story, balancing the lighter moments with the more serious ones, and I must say that it went smoothly and successfully, she did here very well.

However, very sadly, this book didn’t work for me as it did for so many other reviewers and readers, so probably it’s a case of “it’s not you, it’s me”. I didn’t find it so humorous, to be honest, it didn’t make me laugh and for me it was dragging on too much. I didn’t feel any connection to the characters and I wasn’t invested in the plot. I loved the synopsis, it was so promising but it simply didn’t live up to my expectations. I think there was so much potential, and the plot was absolutely refreshing and unique, but for me it simply lacked in delivery. It felt too forced, as if the author tried too much, and you could easily feel the lack of authenticity, let’s just take the scene at the post office – I mean, really? Sadly. I can’t change my feelings. But this novel has many raving reviews and people seem to really like it, so don’t let me put you off reading it, you may love it.

Nevertheless, it was a light – hearted read with a great idea behind. The writing was well – rounded and the characters were well developed, and probably many of the readers will be able to relate to them and their situation, and yes, they felt so human, with all their problems and troubles, being stuck in a bit of rut, and wanting a little more from life, heck, deserving more from life! It was my first book by Hannah Lynn and I will for sure have a look at her other novels.



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