A Wedding at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry / Blog Tour

A Wedding at the Beach Hut by Veronica Henry


Publisher: Orion 53548894._sy475_

Publishing Date: 28th May 2020

Source:  Received from the publisher via NetGalley, thank you!

Number of pages: 368

Genre: General Fiction (Adult), Women’s Fiction

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You are invited to the wedding of the year . . .

Robyn Moss just wants a simple wedding. A quiet ceremony; a picnic on the beach; dancing barefoot on the sand until the sun goes down. But first, Robyn has one very important thing to do – before embracing her future, she needs to uncover her past. As she sets out to find her birth mother, a tangled thread of love, loss and betrayal that ties together three generations of women begins to emerge.

As her wedding day approaches, Robyn discovers that where there is heartbreak, there is hope – and that in the end, love will always win.

Escape to the beach with Veronica Henry’s captivating new story of three women, three summers, and a wedding that changes everything. The must-read novel of summer 2020!

Rating: four-stars


Robyn and Jake are newly engaged and are expecting their first child. Robyn has always known that she’s adopted but it never kept her awake at night. However, as she’s pregnant and about to get married, she starts to feel the need to know her true history, to find out who she really is. She’s torn, as she really loves her adoptive parents and sister, and she doesn’t want to hurt them, but the need to know is strong. Deciding not to tell them and confessing only to her friend Gwen, Robyn starts to search for her birth mother and her life is about to change. But not only her life – the future is going to bring challenges, second chances, new beginnings to all those around Robyn, as they are also hiding secrets.

Robyn was a lovely character, complex and really well developed, and the author has given her a truly distinctive voice. She knew what she wants and if she wasn’t sure, she wasn’t afraid to risk, but she never wanted to hurt other people, so this is why some of the decisions were so hard for her. She was also hard – working and caring, and her relationship with Jake was strong and certain. But there were things in her life that lately started to bother her. I adored what Veronica Henry has done here, with Robyn searching for the truth – there was no time wasted on searching here and searching there, there was no will she/won’t she and it was so refreshing, guys, I really liked that instead we got things straight out – it simply worked brilliantly in this story. I also loved with how much empathy and gentleness the author has written those parts, taking all Robyn’s feeling under consideration, and not only Robyn’s but also other characters’ involved, without judging them but giving them a chance to tell things how they really were.

There is also a great bunch of supporting characters in this story, though I’m not sure if we should call them “supporting” at all, as they truly felt like the main characters, with their stories as important as those of Robyn and Jake. They are stories with depth, full of ups and downs, the characters are facing so many challenges in their lives, they all struggle and have issues and that makes them feel so down – to – earth and realistic. I liked that, for a change, they were wise but not patronising, and they really wanted good things for each other, they were supportive and simply kind people.

There were many subplots running through the story, it was not only Robyn and her journey, but I have never felt overwhelmed, stuffed with too much information or confused. The author has taken her time introducing all the characters and their background stories to us, there was nothing rushed and this is why it was so seamless and so smooth to read.

The writing style is so very Veronica Henry – flows effortlessly, it’s lyrical, almost poetic, it’s beautiful but also chatty and engaging, and the descriptions are vivid, bringing the places and characters to life. And of course the setting is gorgeous, Everdene on the coast is so well and evocative described, the author has a real way with words.

“A Wedding at the Beach Hut” is a thought – provoking story filled with family dynamics, unconditional love, friendship and all the trials and tribulations that come with them. It is such a gentle, relaxed read, with enough twists and without too much drama, a truly perfect read for a nice, tranquil afternoon as it is so easy to lose yourself in this story, it captures your attention immediately and envelopes you, with every turned page taking you with on the characters’ journey. I’d say that perhaps there were moments that it was too relaxed, too peaceful, too slow but somehow the pace simply corresponded with the plot. It is a great piece of contemporary fiction, emotionally engaging escapism, true to life and realistic and I highly recommend it!





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