Broken Branches by M. Jonathan Lee

Broken Branches by M. Jonathan Lee

35106198Publisher: Hideaway Fall

Publishing Date: 27th July 2017

Source:  Received from the publisher in return for an honest review!

Number of pages: 294

Genre:  Literature/Fiction (Adult), Psychological, Mystery

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‘Family curses don’t exist. Sure, some families seem to suffer more pain than others, but a curse? An actual curse? I don’t think so.’

A family tragedy was the catalyst for Ian Perkins to return to the isolated cottage with his wife and young son. But now they are back, it seems yet more grief might befall the family.

There is still time to act, but that means Ian must face the uncomfortable truth about his past. And in doing so, he must uncover the truth behind the supposed family curse.

Rating: three-stars

Hideaway Fall are the new kids on the publishing block and guys, they are starting really, really well – the campaign for “Broken Branches” by M. Jonathan Lee, their first book, is more than brilliant, and the way they take care of the book bloggers is so, so lovely. I was very intrigued by the synopsis to “Broken Branches”, however the book turned out to be totally different to what I was thinking it’s going to be, which – of course – sometimes happens, but it also doesn’t mean that it made me feel disappointed. Because not, it didn’t. It was actually so that I wasn’t sure what to expect, yet the book was different to what I was expecting – weird, I know.

So, now. This book. There was a creepy, grim atmosphere to this story that was brilliantly captured by the author. It was dark, it was foreboding and there was such a ghostly feeling to it. There were two timelines, past and present of Ian, the main character, and the author has really did the jumping between the times very well. However, the whole story was more than confusing to me, to be absolutely honest, and I couldn’t connect with the characters. The more we got into the story, the more manic Ian was becoming in his lust to uncover the truth, he was like a man possessed and I really didn’t know what to think – if there really is something, or if we’re dealing with a mentally ill character. I still have some questions about Ian, his research seemed to lead down a blind alley.

Altogether, it was a different but very atmospheric read and I really liked the writing style, that was powerful, very rich and yet forthcoming and easy, and some of the atmospheric description could give you the creeps. It was not my usual read, and maybe I just don’t appreciate it enough, and I’m really sorry for that, but it just didn’t work for me as much as I think it would. It is set at a very slow pace and while this may help you to get a real sense of what’s happening, for me personally it was too slow, and somehow I just couldn’t get into the whole idea of the curse and this Gothic element to this story, and the supernaturals just didn’t sit with me. This slow pace has made me feel a little restless, I started to skip some passages and well, this waiting till the very end for the big revelation was too much for me. I probably just didn’t “get” the story, for which I apologise – just please take into consideration I am sharing my thoughts and feelings. I did enjoy some aspects but I also found myself struggling with it, hence my 3* rating. However, if you are a fan of supernatural and curses, be sure to try this book for yourself!